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One Way to Cope with Imposter Syndrome

June 10, 2016

Why am I sitting up here instead of in the audience? It seems like yesterday that I was new on the job and shaking as I a rode the construction elevator to the top of the Bank of America building to see potentially defective product and today I am on an expert panel and being referred to as a trailblazer.  When did I go from the mentee to the mentor?  When did I become the person young girls sought out for advice on how to navigate their way through a male dominated occupation?  Who decided I deserve any recognition and was worthy to give advice that could shape a career?

This is imposter syndrome and I am a sufferer.  Don’t get me wrong I get over it.  I have learned coping mechanisms.  These days the bouts of self-doubt and panic are fewer and shorter but, they are still there and recently I have decided that it’s ok and in fact they make me stronger.  One of the ways I cope is by re-evaluating how I got to where I am at, including the mistakes I have made and the setbacks I encountered.  For a good hour I map out the timeline in my head, imagine the journey and even think about what I would have done differently   This process forces me to take ownership of my success and reminds me of the different people who have accompanied me, supported me and coached me along the way.  The process serves as a validation and an ego check all at the same time.  It re-invigorates my drive.

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